Bad Trip takes place in a nondescript mountain range rendered in glowing outline—a knobby wilderness with a Tron-like digital aesthetic.
— Fast Company

The Premise

Alan Kwan has been keeping a digital diary. 

He mounts a tiny camera on the side of his spectacles and records his life.

YouTubers get this. It's called vlogging. 

Except what Alan has done is design a video game where players hunt down his memories. 

Players use a game controller to navigate his mind - vast stretches of spooky, but beautiful wireframe landscapes.

Players navigate cliff faces and climb rickety staircases leading to houses floating in the sky, searching for these video memories that huddle together in glowing orange and yellow cubes.


The Music

I composed the music and sound design elements for Bad Trip. Here are some tracks for you to hear.

The Title Sequence Music


The response to Bad Trip was incredible. 

Vimeo featured "Bad Trip: Navigate My Mind" as a Vimeo Staff Pick and has been viewed over 100,000 times.


Press Coverage includes:

WIRED (Italia Edition), Fast Company, The Creators Project, Discovery Canadaʼs “Daily Planet”, Kotaku, Polygon, Popular Science, Boston Globe, Mercedes-Benz Magazine, Tech in Asia, ZDF TV, Oeil de Links (Canal+), The Lip, Gamescenes, the Huffington Post

Bad Trip has been exhibited internationally.

Selected exhibitions include:

  • ZKM_Gameplay (Karlsruhe, Germany 2013)

  • 404 Festival (Rosario, Argentina, 2013)

  • Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria, 2013)

  • CYNETART Festival (Dresden, Germany, 2013)

  • Games of Art Exhibition by Queensland University of Technology (Queensland, Australia 2013)

  • Chai Wan Mei Art & Design Festival (Hong Kong, China 2013)

  • Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia - Gold Award (Hong Kong, China 2013)

  • Vector Game Art Festival (Toronto, Canada, 2013)

Vimeo Staff Pick

Beyond Bad Trip

Following up on the success of Bad Trip, Alan worked on Wake - an Oculus Rift virtual reality experience.

If Franz Kafka was writing a story today and used the Oculus Rift to tell it, it would look a lot like Wake.

Once again, my music was used for the project.